About Us

About Us

M/S Mehran Services is owned and managed by a team of well experienced professional engineers & experts dealing with all kinds of customers for services in reference to the above subject we herby introduce ourselves in your esteemed organization.

Our Firm is a team of qualified Managers, Engineers & Chartered Accountant, jointly working as Manager, Engineers & Accountant to attain the highest standards in the vast & varied field of Services.

With a variety of experience & a vide practical knowledge of latest techniques the firm availed of every opportunity to construct / supervise multipurpose complex such as sign board, office printing, schools, hospitals to service of water etc and also have experience in the field of all kind of SBR & FBR – e-filing services.

M/S Mehran Services was established in January 2011 by Engr. Fayaz Ali Kolachi is the Chief Executive of the organization & working as Government Contractor, General Order Supplier with number of national and international construction firms is well known SAP and Consultant in the construction & Operation industry. As an Engineer he has completed Chemical Engineering.

M/S Mehran Services (Fayaz Ali) has registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a Professional Engineer Registration No. PEC No. CHEM/4605, National Tax Number (NTN). 3881412-9

Meet Our Team

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and we have a brilliant team having expertness in their respective fields 

Engr. Fayaz Ali

CEO / Tax Consultant

Mehfooz Ali

Programmer & Web Developer

Zubair Ahmed

Graphics Designer

Darya Khan

Marketing Manager